The lively scene day or night of Skiathos Town

January 13, 2023 - Areas in Skiathos

The lively scene day or night of Skiathos Town

Only 7km from our villa complex, the centre of Skiathos island is always as lively, decorated with its signature Greek blue and friendliness welcome of the locals.

Walk through the famous Papadiamanti Street, where you can find restaurants of traditional Greek cuisine, to Mediterranean-inspired dishes. Not only famous for its lunch or dinner destinations, find some of the best local gift shops where you can find handcrafted jewellery, art pieces, and potteries.

In the mood for a night out? Skiathos Town is a vibrant and lively destination for those seeking a casual drink or party until dusk. With its many cocktail bars, cafes, and clubs options, Skiathos Town offers an array of options for exploring the lively Greek nightlife.

Need a recommendation of where to go? Reach out to us, and we’d love to guide you to some of the best places to visit while you’re on the island! Start planning your trip to Skiathos Town, and get ready to experience the best of Greece in one cosmopolitan little town.